Certified products for body temperature control
For law enforcement and emergency services teams
Safe, comfortable and effective

WBS is a brand of specialized products dedicated to people exposed to long-term low temperatures. The company provides: rescue blanket, a medical blanket, a heating vest and a COMBO emergency kit.

WBS products are designed to quickly and easily support the maintenance of normal body temperature and support the treatment of hypothermia. This is possible thanks to the installation of chemical heaters made of natural, environmentally friendly substances.

The brand creates products for healthcare workers, rescue workers, law enforcement agencies, military and technical personnel.

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Piotr Misiak
Piotr Misiak
Sales Representative, southern Poland
Jarosław Dubiński
Jarosław Dubiński
Sales Representative, northern and central Poland
Miłosz Grygierczyk
Miłosz Grygierczyk
Junior Sales & Office Manager

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